ThunderbirdWhy use the FORAD simulation?

The FORAD simulation is a powerful educational tool and is very effective both as a supplement to a finance or accounting class or as a corporate learning initiative.

“The value of the course comes from the intensity and the competitiveness. I could stand up there and teach for 10 hours straight, but it wouldn’t come close to the knowledge these students gain from working within their teams, arguing over decisions and coming to their own conclusions together. The model is there to stimulate discovery. As a professor, that’s a dream.

Dr. Michael Moffett, Continental Grain Professor of Finance at Thunderbird School of Global Management

Benefits for the class instructors:

The simulation increases the course effectiveness – it allows the students to experiment with the class lessons and examine the results in a game setup.

It provides an excellent base for a semester-long case for class discussions when the students review their own company’s challenges and performance.

The instructor can use the simulation to create a hypothetical market environment to teach specific real world lessons.

The simulation increases the students’ engagement in the class and can be used for objective performance assessment.

Benefits for the corporations:

The simulation teaches complex finance skills and results in increased professional expertise. The participants get exposure to various areas of corporate finance, strategy and reporting - some of which may be outside of their core expertise.

It allows the participants to get to know their colleagues from different levels and departments and is an excellent team-building activity.

It sends a strong message that the organization invests in its people which increases the employees' motivation